viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

"The Wilde One" by Savannah Young

Última reseña por un tiempo, creo. Todo bien, pero leer a las apuradas y estar forzada a escribir reseñas... no creo que sea para mi :S Aunque parece que puedo hacerla entrar en el concurso a esta también, así que eso es un bonus :P
Las que escriba de ahora en más serán las que no pueda contenerme las ganas de dar mi opinión sobre lo leído :P


The Wilde One (Old Town Country - book 2) ~ Savannah Young
4.5 Stars!!!

**Free ebook in exchange for an honest review**

Ooooohhhh Mmyyy Goooooddd!! I loved it!!! This was a BEAUTIFUL story! I wish it was a bit longer and that a few issues were a bit more detailed, but it was a gorgeous read anyway!

Both Tucker and Gracie are broken people, they've gone through a lot but they're strong and they're survivers, so when they find each other it feels like they've found their place on earth, their home. Finally.
He has a completely different past than hers, his childhood was a really good one and he's always had his family with him. She, on the other hand, doesn't even know what a family is supposed to be like, and her self worth is just non existing because of it.with Tucker's love she's capable of dreaming a better life for herself and then she realize it doesn't have to be just a dream. In return, Tucker finds out he's not less of a man because he was injured in Iraq, he doesn't always have to be the guy that puts fear in everyone's mind with just one look... Grace makes him realize he's worthy of love and she gives it to him.

I loved the outline of the characters from the very first page of the book, so noe I know I love how Savannah writes and, therefore, I just HAVE to read her other books ;)

Beautiful story, don't miss the chance to read it!