lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

"If You Loved Me" by Vanessa Grant

Esta es la última reseña del mes, por lo tanto la última que entra en el concurso. Me comprometí a hacer otra para dentro de 10 días, pero después de esa me retiro por un tiempo... me cuesta escribir cuando es una obligación jajajaja.


If You Loved Me ~ Vanessa Grant
4 stars

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Be aware: my opinions may contain veiled spoilers, so read at your own risk!

I have to say, this was a love story like I haven't read in years!
I'm a bit sick of all the sex and drama that it's been used in romance books lately. Is like, if there isn't a huge trauma from the past and a super hot tattoed hunk or a Mr. Sexy Money on the plot, the story won't work. I mean, come on!!

If You Loved Me is a great story because is more realistic, because is about two people that loved each other in the past and are reconnected 20 years later --when they're responsible adults-- and all that was between them comes back up like an unstoppable fire. But their lives are so different there's no way a relationship would work for them. They knew that as teenagers and they know it now. Still, there is a force pulling them together that neither of them can control.

There were a couple of things I didn't loved, but is not like there were that bad. I mean, first the whole thing with her son being missing... the part where they find the boys it was a bit too easyly resolved, I think, because after all that tension and fear it only took like two pages to have it all sorted out... I believe it could have been better, but I also understand that the story wasn't really about that, it was about Emma and Gray, so they needed to finish what they'd started.
Second, both of them are very stubborn people that are fixated in the fact there is no way to unify their worlds. But then an explanation coming out of Gray's past is what brings it all to a perfectly round end... I mean, he was a complicated man who didn't want to admit his feelings, but I don't think it was necessary to "explain" his attitude with a childhood drama, I think they could have figured it out together if they'd really wanted to.

Leaving that aside, I loved this story, it was mature and sexy and realistic and... and I just loved it :D

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