domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Something was wrong...

Something felt wrong inside; she didn't knew what it was but she could feel it and that scared her. There was a place in her brain where the warning bells came to life and she had learn to listen to that place because it was usualy right. Whenever she heard the alarm she knew something bad was going to happen. Well, she heard them now, allright.
The real problem was to figure out what it was that was wrong. No matter how much warning she could have, it was never something she could imagine, something she could have prevented. And this time was no exception, so she began to get scared the second she came into the house.
Maybe there was a thief? someone lurking in the dark, waiting for her to come home and attack her... She turn on the lights and everything seemed to be fine. She peer out the windows, below her bed, inside the closet... Everything fine.
Then she got sight of the phone and she though about messages. Maybe someone call to give her bad news? Someone could have died... She checked her phone: no messages. Then she went straight to the computer, maybe she got an email or something... Nothing. Well, nothing bad that is. A bunch of spam, an email from a friend inviting her to a party that night, another one form work and that's it.
She was starting to fell like a fool, maybe she had imagine it all and nothing was going to happen. But she still had that warning bell ringing in her mind. Something was off and she couldn't figure out what it was.
And then it happen, she started to feel it comming. The urge itself was something unespected, but the ferocity with wich it hit her was what she knew couldn't be normal. She started to turn slowly, not wanting to make a mess of herself, but at the same time she knew she had to hurry up or all hell would break loose. Her eyes found the door as her brain told her it was only a few steps away and her stomach screamed, at the same time, that she was not going to make it. And then she ran...
She reach the bathroom just in time to push the door open and launch herself to the lavatory... thank God it was right ahead, because no way she could've turn to a side to find it or something. And then she puked her guts out.
The brownie; that's what was worng. She knew she shouldn't have bough it on that street post downtown. Even if it looked so good, especially if it looked that good on a place with no refrigerator or any sanitary regulations fullfield. She knew it and she bough it anyway. And then she ate it.
She was sooo no going to that party tonight.

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