martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

"Mommy" issues

I'm losing them both. I guess is just logical, at least part of it is, they're growing up, moving on and I just reached a point where I'm standing still. Not because I can't move on too, but because I don't know how and I get scared and just stand still.
Also, I think I'm losing them because I'm me, because I'm nosy and overprotective and not that much fun to be around all the time. I mean, I know I am -fun- for a while, and I know they love me and they can deal with me because they realize I love them too and I'll always be there for them -even if I'm hurt to be left behind now, I'll be there-, but I'm just annoying in the long run. I know what I'm talking about... this isn't the first time this has happen to me.
I should be able to move on, I've learn how to do it and I was having a great time putting all my energy in me for once, but I got swept away when they all came looking for me, to have fun with me, to tell me how great I was and how they care about me too. I got swept away by the feeling of being needed.

Sometimes I feel like their mother, like I love and treat them that way, wich is probably why I'm being left behind. I never really share with them what I feel because I don't think they can help and I don't want to bother them with it... Sometimes they do the same to me and I really hate it, hahaha.
But I understand... they're not my kids and I shouldn't treat them as such.

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  1. Wow... Amazing writing. May I ask who they are?

    1. Thanks hehe.
      I don't know, they're a mix of people in my life plus a good deal of imagination, hahaha. I was just feeling blah and I wrote that :P