lunes, 6 de julio de 2009

Febrero 23: ¿¿¿¿¿¿Am I in love??????

I'm not REALLY in love, is more like a crush... and I haven't feel one of those in years! hahaha.
It's so weird ‘cause there's this guy at work and, well, he's not ugly but he's not gorgeous either, not like a sex symbol or anything. In fact, he's a little chubby and not that much taller than me (actually, I think he’s not taller than me at all), and I usually like tall guys... at least tall enough for me to have to look up to see their eyes. Also, this guy is blond with blue eyes, which are very pretty, of course, but I've always liked brunets. He's not the funniest of the room but he's not dull either. He's very smart and we usually joke around about him knowing everything and me having to learn from him, which always ends up with me throwing something at him, hahaha.
So, you must be wondering: what the hell did you see in this guy??? Well... it was his smile. Oooohhhh God, I'm in love with his smile! It's so warm and kind and beautiful that it makes my knees go all Jelloish. And when he looks directly into my eyes, like he's listening everything that I say, and then smiles..... *super-long-sigh*. And also, when we sit down in the breakroom all together to have some coffey and chat during the breaks, I've caught him more than once looking at me and smiling... and I just melted.
The worst part of all is that I only have one more week with him until the training is over and then we'll all start on our regular shifts at work, and he and I will have two completely different schedules so... I'm so bummed :(
I swear it; this guy smile’s got right trough my heart. So I actually can say that I'm in love... I fell in love with his smile :P


PS: btw, work's going great, I'm learning a lot and I'm laughing a lot. I just hope I won't totally suck once I actually start working. :S

Apareciste sin que te buscara nadie,
no esperaba encontrarte ahí.
Tal vez tu risa no tenía sombras,
no tenia cara... fue todo lo que vi...

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  1. jajajajajaj DR. Delirio, hay un traductor al final de mi blog, para que puedas leerlo en español... igual, las siguientes partes vienen en nuestro idioma; solo ésta me salio en ingles ;P