miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

You never answered the question

Things have been getting cold lately, and now I do mean about you and me - in case you ever read this... though I doubt it, you never really wanted to know much about me anyways. But you know what? I guess is because I'm getting bored. I mean, you only told me all those beautiful things because you realize you were losing me, losing the one shag you had. But now you practically admitted to me, by omission, that you are sleeping with someone else. Or at least you have slept with someone else while you were with me. And the real point is: I don't care. Not anymore, anyway. I mean, if I would have known this around the time you said you cared about me, and that you wanted to be able to see beyond your fears and try to have a relationship... yeah, I'd probably would've cried like a baby. But your birthday pass on and you didn't want anybody that matters to you to know we were "together", and now you come and tell me: "you know we are not exclusive"...??? Yeah, I know, but that doesn't mean I'm with anybody else and you know it, and the fact that you actually asked me about it should've make me sad or angry, but only made me wonder if you were. So I asked... and you never answered.
And if I learn anything of this hole thing is that you have a really cool way of changing the subject to whatever is best for you. No matter how many times I went back to the first question, either indirectly or completely bulls-eyed to it, you never answered me.
So here I am now, and I have to tell you: yeah, I guess things have been getting cold lately, and that's because love needs nourishment, needs to be feed by other love in return, otherwise it dies. And mine is dying. Not that you care, obviously, but unfortunately it was kind of the backbone, the reason for me to keep being with you, and if it's not there anymore, I don't really feel like being with you anymore. So I guess what I'm really trying to say is: tell the other girl that she has to become a more permanent shag from now on and that she has to pay the hotel most of the times, like a good puppy, because you always have money problems... and I hope she says no, like I should have done.

2 comentarios :

  1. Auch, no me digas que el muy tarado te dijo que nos son exclusivos y toda esa estupidez???
    Si fue así, es un pobre tarado. Déjalo, no merece la pena alguien que no sabe o no quiere devolverte lo que vos le das.
    Lo del hotel me dio hasta rabia.

  2. si, soy así de patética aunque a mi misma me de bronca admitirlo. Y no quedó solo en esto, en un rato subiré lo que me hizo anoche... llegué a mi límite de tolerancia para pendejadas, tanto de él como mías.